Virtual ADF Flight Simulators

Put yourself into the cockpit and see what it is like to fly as an Australian Defence Force (ADF) pilot with a virtual experience you won’t soon forget!

Free and open to Airshow attendees of all ages, representatives from the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Australian Navy will help you don your pilot hat, clip on your wings and take off for a flight without ever leaving the ground.

Visit the ADF Flight Simulator tent at Airshows Downunder Shellharbour to take part.

Royal Australian Air Force

AMP at work

Aviation Motivation Program – LET’S FLY!

The Air Force flying Simulator is an immersive flying experience in our state of the art virtual reality simulators, where you can fly the F/A-18 Classic Hornet yourself! Our friendly Officer Aviation specialists will be there to assist you through the flight simulator experience and answer any questions you may have about all the amazing jobs for you in the Air Force!

Royal Australian Navy

The Naval Aviation Prospects Scheme (NAPS) is a Fleet Air Arm (FAA) recruiting initiative established in 2007 as a mitigation strategy to combat critical manning shortages in both aircrew and aviation technician categories. NAPS includes an external program involving attendance at significant public events, such as air shows, careers expos, local and non-local school visits. The aims of NAPS are to raise the profile of the FAA within the community, generate prospective applicants, encourage students to consider a career in the FAA and foster civic virtue.

To achieve its aims, NAPS uses portable high tech Flight Simulators (Sims) as an engagement tool to open short discussions with people who might like to know more about a career in the Navy or Defence. NAPS utilises a team of Navy Personnel from different job categories to assist the prospective applicant get the full experience of what it’s like to fly a Navy Helicopter. NAPS latest Sims include Virtual Reality goggles for the pilot visuals, realistic helicopter controls, motion to add the feeling of flying and the latest in Flight Sim software that is as close to flying the real thing as possible for someone who isn’t a helicopter pilot.

Next Gen Flight Sim 01

Next Gen Flight Sims

Experience this simulator with a motion platform and full helicopter controls. Virtual Reality headset for pilot visuals and a large screen mounted in front for spectators to watch.

Flight Sim software has very high realism so restricted to persons of 12 years and older.

Able Seaman Boatswain Mate Sam Kingston assists a member of the public with a Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm flight simulator inside the RAN exhibition tent the 2023 Avalon International Airshow.  *** Local Caption *** The Australian International Airshow (AIA) – a biennial activity coordinated and run by the AMDA Foundation with the Royal Australian Air Force, other government agencies and non-government elements in support – is the premier showcase in the southern hemisphere for military aviation and the aerospace industry.

The Australian International Airshow 2023 and associated activities are conducted at Avalon Airport and select Melbourne CBD locations over the period 24 February – 5 March 2023. The Trade and Defence Exposition is conducted between 28 February and 3 March 2023, followed by the public air show between 3 and 5 March. 

AIA23 is the capstone engagement activity for Air Force after a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-related cancellation of AIA21. AIA23 shows the ADF’s current capabilities and future concepts in a collaborative and integrated manner to Government, military allies and partners, defence industry, and the Australian public.

New Gen Flight Sims

This helicopter sit-in simulator has a motion platform and full helicopter controls. Visuals are via a large screen mounted in front of the pilot so spectators can watch and cheer you on as you fly.

Flight Sim software has lower realism and is suitable for ages six to 76 years old. Good alternative for those unable to use Virtual Reality headsets.

Aircrewman VR Winching Sim 01

Aircrewman Virtual Reality Winching Sims

Experience a flight as Aircrewman in the cabin of a helicopter and operates a winch to rescue a person in distress off a boat in Sydney Harbour.

Suitable for ages five to 75 years old.