747 Special Tours Available During Wings Over Illawarra Airshow

HARS Aviation Museum has some special tours available on its Boeing 747 during Wings Over Illawarra Airshow on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of November 2022. Details of the tours are as follows.

Boeing 747-438 Cockpit

An incredible opportunity to experience first hand what really goes on at the pointy end of this huge aircraft.

Enjoy 45 minutes in the Cockpit of our Qantas 747-438, VH-OJA sitting in the Pilot and Co-Pilot seats hosted by a 747 pilot who will explain the workings of the cockpit in detail including take-off and landing procedures and emergency procedures that you would not normally be aware of.

Boeing 747-438 Wing Walk Experience

An opportunity to walk out onto the wing of this huge 747 aircraft attached to a cable by means of a safety harness.

Wing Walk tours will be conducted during the Wings Over Illawarra Airshow weekend for up 6 guests at a time for a duration of 15 minutes on the 747 wing. Guests will experience great views and photo opportunities of the Wings Over Illawarra activities below. Suitable clothing (shorts or slacks for women) and sensible foot wear (no thongs) must be worn.

Please Note: Boeing 747 Tours are NOT included in your entry ticket price.

For more details click here to visit HARS website