September 3, 2019

At Wings Over Illawarra 2019 we featured two of the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society’s (HARS) aircraft in the flying display, the DHC4 Caribou and the Douglas C-47, with the vast array of their other aircraft open to the public to inspect.

The Caribou and the C-47 were both part of the transport theme that kicked off the 2019 show.

The crowd was treated to a very impressive display from the Caribou with a “Short Take Off and Landing” (STOL) performance, including a demonstration of the aircraft’s ability to reverse down the runway!

Always a favourite, the iconic C-47 / DC-3 or Gooney Bird as they were affectionately known,  made several passes allowing great shots for the many photographers and enthusiasts in the crowd.

Among the display of static HARS aircraft was:

Boeing 747-400
Lockheed Super Constellation
Consolidated PBY Catalina
Lockheed AP-3C Orion
Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune
Convair 440
CAC CA-27 Sabre
General Dynamics F-111C
Mirage III
Hawker Hunter
English Electric Canberra
De-Havilland Vampire
Douglas DC-4
Grumman S-2G Tracker

One of the major restoration projects on the go is the Fokker FVIIB Southern Cross Replica which has been making steady progress.  The aircraft now has 3 refurbished engines fitted and we are looking forward to the amazing sight this will make when it heads for the skies in the very near future.

Which HARS aircraft will be flying in 2020?  Well, we are still in discussions with HARS, but we are sure to have the HARS heavies takes to the skies again  in 2020!